XNX is a project developed by Ilidio Chaves, best known as Expander from Soniculture. It is part of a new formed concept called Soniclab, which is aimed to gather audio-visual artists that excel in new visions and innovation.
The concept of the XNX project is to intervene in a space and create what we call a “chaos bubble” by using sound and visual design. Four sources of sound are mixed simultaneously and powered by the strong visual component that surrounds people in a way that they feel inside of a space that is fondling with their perceptions.
There are no two XNX concerts that are the same, in terms of music and visuals. The aim is to elaborate a concept based on the architecture of a space. The duration of the voyage is around 1h30 minutes.
The album, released on the SONICLAB label (SONICLAB001) represents the works of XNX that were made between 2002 and 2013. Over ten years of audio production that was applied to several areas of art such as contemporary dance, video and installments.
Soundtrack from a life unexpected” is made in a way that all tracks are continuous so it presents itself as a voyage through different music styles, feelings and sensations, all combined in a way that the result is a whole soundtrack itself, which should be listened in one continuous take.
XNX has prepared a special visual show for this soundtrack that is presented on stage with a 4m x 3m structure and advanced video mapping techniques. It has a very strong impact on the viewer.


  • PerformanceLIVE
  • LabelSoniclab
  • CountryPortugal